James Brown's Son

Daryl Brown

Daryl Brown – Son of James Brown


Daryl Brown is the son of James Brown and Beatrice Ford. He is a well-known music producer and an artist himself. James Brown is a name that needs no introduction. Aptly named the ‘Godfather of Soul’, James’ career can only be described as magical. Active for almost 60 years, this legend inspired creation of whole genres like funk music. His story from rags to riches is nothing short of a fairy tale. An influential figure of the 20th century James Brown has had a hugely successful career and an equally interesting personal life. James had nine children both in and out of a marriage.

Daryl Brown was born to Beatrice ‘Bea’ Ford in 1960. Beatrice Ford is credited with being the first African American woman to be heard on the radio station, WTCT at New Brunswick in New Jersey. Bea Ford was the ex-girlfriend of Joe Tex, another popular artist of the time and a fierce rival to James Brown. There was even a record that Tex came out titled ‘You Keep Her’ to impress upon that he was completely over her. Bea Ford went ahead to sing ‘You Got the Power’ with James. She was pregnant with Daryl when she recorded the song but Brown was oblivious to it. However, Bea Ford never married James because of his Casanova image, but they remained good friends. Brown actually did not know about his son until Daryl was five years old, which was when Bea took her son to meet his father.

Daryl Brown was born in the Middlesex General Hospital and for the initial years of his life, lived with his mother in his grandparents’ house in New Brunswick. He was enrolled there in the Lincoln Elementary School that he attended till second grade. His interest in music cropped up when his father started visiting him. He attributes his interest in music to his father. For him, it all started with one of his father’s visit, when Brown Sr. presented him with a guitar and a drum set. He took a liking for the drums and started playing at a very young age. His hobby was further encouraged by a plenty of music programs available in New Brunswick for children. This was when he took to playing music seriously. He was a part of the Sacred Hearts Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps in Manville and also played in the band camp supported by the Douglas College in his city, known as Upward Bound. Though, he moved a lot after this but the city of New Brunswick made a huge impact on the musical sensibilities of Daryl Brown.

Daryl also lived with his father for a brief time as a child when he was 9, and was with him until he was 12 years old. He would accompany him to his performances and also pack his bags. He saw the man change from James Joseph, his father to James Brown, the pop music icon. Daryl was also the only child of James Brown who got to perform with him on stage. He loved to play the drums, but his father wanted him to be the third guitar player on his troupe, and he gladly obliged.

Daryl Brown himself is an active musician and has produced many records. In 2014, Daryl came up with a book on his father titled – Inside the Godfather. The book is a personal account of the legendary life that was James Brown, tracing his story from rags to riches, told in the form of interviews with his closest friends and acquaintances. You can stream TV and Video and watch and hear both of them.